Boy Scouts

  1. What Separate's this Troop from all other Troops?

    We are committed to providing a boy run program that is second to none.  we provide a 12 month program that is planned and executed by the scouts

  2. How much are Dues?

    Boy Scout Dues are Set Up with two payment options.

    Option 1: 75 Dollars Annual Payment

    Option 2: 38 dollars up front payment and 4 dollars per month.

  3. What will Dues cover?

    Dues cover all operating expenses for the troop including camping site fees, transportation expenses.  Dues do not cover food expenses for trips

  4. Are you a Boy Led Troop?

    We are a boy led troop.  the PLC makes most of the decisions in laying out the annual program and is responsible for running the meetings, camping trips, summer camps, and the high adventure program.

    That being said we make sure every Youth leader is qualified and capable of taking the repsonisibility by requiring Junior Leadership Training.

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New Parents

  1. How is Boy Scouts different from Cub Scouts?

    Boy Scouts is a boy led organization that teaches the boys leadership principles.  the Adult leaders maintain safety and ensure responible behavior but take on a more advisory role.

  2. How can I Help?

    At this troop we firmly believe that parent's should be involved as much as possible.   we are always in need of some assistance what you can provide is up to you.  joining the troop as an adult leader is a great option or helping out during a awards ceremony or a picnic or even on a camping trip is just as valuable.

  3. Can I attend camping trips?

    Certainly, we encourage adult participation on trips as much as possible.  we do ask that parent's take the online youth protection traing as it takes less than 1/2 hour.

  4. I noticed some troops are not very open to parents, is Troop 55 this way?

    Abosolutly not!  we are open about everything we do.  Parent's are encourage to participate at the level they feel comfortable.  every document and camping trip is open to parental review.  Parents are welcome at all troop functions including; meetings, camping trips, major activities, committee meetings.

  5. How do I find out more Information?

    Please call us 717-763-7632, send us an e-mail or come to a meeting!

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  1. Can I solicit Donations for the troop?

    No, National policy forbids the troop from asking for donations.

  2. Can I donate to the Troop?

    Yes, You can donate to tthe troop but we can not ask for donations.  most of the money we raise are from fundraisers

  3. If I donate is my donation tax deductable?

    Yes, because our chartering organization (Grace United Methodis Church) is a 501(c)(3) organization you will be eligible for a tax deduction

  4. Will donations to the troop directly affect my son?

    Absolutely!  Directly donating to the Troop will help subsidize Trips and Equipment making less expensive for you son to participate in scouting.  Funds donated to us will be used for the sole purpose of providing a better program at Troop 55. 

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The Program

  1. Does troop 55 have a 12 month Program?

    Yes we are a 12 month Program.  We meet every week except for when the troop is at summer camp and one week at the end of the year.  we have a 12 month camping program consiting of 9 two night monthly camping trips, 1 JLT retreat, 1 summer camp, and 1 high adventure trip.

  2. Where do you go to summer camp?

    Every year we try to go to a new place.  Going to new places gives the scouts a wider range of experiences and exposes them to different ideas.  The PLC usually picks a place within a 8 hour drive from harrisburg. 

  3. Do you go on High Adventures?

    We most certainly do!  every year the PLC plans executes a high adventure trip from the local Laurel Highlands Trail to Glacier National Park.

  4. How much does the annual program cost?

    Most trips will cost between $20 and $30 for food.  Summer camp will usually run between $300 and $400 and High Adventures are between $600 and $2000.  many of these costs are extremely variable due to type of activitiy and location.

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  1. Does Your Troop have A Uniform Policy?

    Yes, we have a uniform policy.  the full text is available under the documents section of the website.  Class A 's are required from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  after Memorial day scouts may wear Class B's.  

  2. Does the Troop Travel in Class A's

    When we travel to any public locations, including camping trips, major activities and meetings off location, Class A's are required except at the discretion of the scoutmaster.

  3. Do I need the Uniform Immediately?

    The Boy Scout Uniform is relatively expensive so we give a scout time to get into full uniform.  We prefer that the scout has his full Class A uniform within 3 months of signing up.  If you have concerns about getting the full uniform please contact an adult leader. 

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