Scout Accounts

Scout accounts are available to all youth members.  these accounts help the scout budget for trips, pay for dues, and purchase equipment.  we run several fundraisers each year to help the scouts earn money to be deposited in their scout accounts.  If a scout transfers to a new unit the money will be transferred to the new unit.


The troop membership is subject to dues.  Dues are set annually by the Troop Committee.  Dues may be paid monthly or annually. A request letter for a monthly payments must be submitted  to the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee will set a monthly payment schedule on a case by case consideration.

Annual / Monthly
 Annual Dues
   Set by the Troop Committee each year and payable by the last weekly meeting in November
Dues If Paid Monthly
   A letter of request for monthly dues must be submitted to the Troop Committee Chair.  A monthly payment schedule will be set by the Troop Committee and payable by the last weekly meeting of each month 

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