Primus Eta Solo


The last several years of stove design has led to the development of stove systems.  One of the newer Stove systems is the Primus Eta Solo.  The Eta Solo sells for $120 retail but can usually found on sale for as little as 70-90 dollars. 

After purchasing the Primus Eta Solo we were impressed by the solid construction.  But we didn’t like the excess plastic on the stove; It seemed to add unnecessary weight.  We liked that it came with a pot hanger.  The conversion device for the stove allows the stove to hold regular pots not designed for the Eta cooking system.  It was a nice feature but the multiple small parts made us wonder about the easiness to lose them while backpacking.  The other negative was the pot would not nest all the materials easily and would not fit a canister in the pot.  The stove was bulkier than other stove systems in its weight and capacity range.   Overall the weight was decent and about what we expected compared to other stove systems.  Boil time faster than the Jetboil but not significantly higher.  The pot was labeled in liters and cups and was graduated which is a plus. 

Overall we give the stove a rating of 3/5.  We recommend the Jetboil Titanium over the Primus.